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At Global Voices Media, we believe that success comes from a strong foundation of core values. Our values are deeply rooted in everything we do, from the way we treat our clients and partners to the way we support and empower our employees. We are passionate about achieving our goals, and we believe in working together to achieve great things.

Our values include "Dream Big,” pushing boundaries and striving for excellence; "Play to Win,” being committed to success and never settling for less; "Bring Value,” adding value to everything we do for our clients and partners; "Teamwork,” working together towards common goals and supporting each other; and "Be Bold,” embracing change and taking calculated risks to achieve our vision. These values are at the heart of our company culture and drive us to achieve great things every day.


Project Managers are key players in Global Voices Media, responsible for ensuring successful completion of language service projects.

Meet our exceptional team of project managers at Global Voices Media, the driving force behind the seamless execution of our diverse array of language services including subtitling, dubbing, voiceovers, and beyond. Tasked with ensuring the successful culmination of multifaceted projects, our Project Managers are adept orchestrators who oversee every aspect of the project lifecycle. They meticulously coordinate with clients, linguists, and cross-functional teams, navigating the complexities of diverse projects to guarantee timely delivery without compromising on our hallmark quality. With a keen eye for detail, robust organisational skills, and exceptional communication prowess, our project managers navigate the intricate landscapes of language services, ensuring that each project unfolds flawlessly. Join us in celebrating the invaluable contributions of our project managers, pivotal in driving the success of Global Voices Media's multifaceted language service projects.


Developers at Global Voices Media - Building Innovative Language Solutions

At the helm of our technological prowess stands a team of exceptionally talented developers steering the course of innovation that propels Global Voices Media's language solutions. Their role spans beyond mere creation; it extends to the meticulous upkeep of cutting-edge technology that forms the backbone of our service offerings. From crafting user-friendly interfaces to engineering intricate algorithms and integrating the latest in machine learning, our developers are trailblazers in the language services industry, shaping the landscape of innovation. At the core of our developer team's ethos lies a celebration of creativity, critical thinking, and an unrelenting passion for staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Encouraging an environment conducive to innovation, we nurture a culture that values out-of-the-box ideation, fostering an atmosphere where pioneering ideas find their wings.


Embrace a journey of collaborative excellence with our dedicated account managers at Global Voices Media, serving as your steadfast companions throughout every phase of your project. More than mere guides, our account managers are the linchpin of a seamless and enriching experience, ensuring your project's success in dubbing, subtitling, voiceover, and beyond.

Your appointed account manager is more than an advocate; they embody your aspirations, meticulously translating your vision into actionable objectives at every project juncture. From the project's inception to its triumphant completion, they serve as responsive and reliable liaisons, meticulously orchestrating timelines, resolving queries, and aligning resources to perfectly fit your project's unique demands. Their role transcends mere facilitation; they champion effective communication, ensuring a flawless transmission of your preferences and aspirations to our skilled teams of linguists and technicians. This collaborative synergy fosters an environment of unparalleled understanding and responsiveness. Our account managers aren't just navigators; they're catalysts for successful project outcomes, offering proactive guidance and tailored solutions. With their dedicated support, each project becomes a testament to our commitment to excellence and your vision's impeccable realisation. Trust in our account managers to be the bridge between your vision and the outstanding results we strive to achieve together.

Our team is made up of talented individuals from across the world